Saturday, May 30, 2009

NEW Flowers

These cute hair flowers are for sale on Jaron & Trevon's blog.
Check them out

They are available in many different colors. Thank you for looking.
We sold out of almost all of the previous flowers listed. New pictures are on the blog with what is available.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Cute as a Button

We got to watch Tatum a day this week and it was so much fun. The boys were excited because they were not in school and got to play with her all day.
She is so much fun! Here she is telling Camdon a silly story in baby talk.
Those eyes are so captivating and couldn't you just nibble on those cheeks?

She even sat with the boys and watched them play their computer game.
Something had her laughing in this picture. She was running all around the room giggling and just being silly as we all sat and watched her. It's always amazing to me how you get nothing done with a little one around, everyone just wants to sit around and watch all the cute things they do. We enjoyed you Tatum, thanks for playing with us!

Monday, May 25, 2009


While up in the Mountains we stopped by to visit my family who were camping. It was a beautiful spot and we only stayed for the day but it sure was fun. We wished we could have stayed longer. Here is Miss Kamrielle looking just as sweet as ever.

Kamrielle & Aunt Marcy went on a walk to find flowers.

Make a wish

or two

Trevon playing with Carder
Look at that face. He is a happy camper with his red licorice.

Grandpa Pete & Carder watching horseshoes
Richard with his moves
Vinnie was pretty darn good

I think he beat everyone.
The boys picking up some pointers

LoraLeigh and Carder

Playing cards
Reading & Relaxing around the fire.

Camdon with his silly face.

Kamrielle wanted to make a silly face too.
LoraLeigh & Marcy
Right by where they camped was this awesome tree and someone had cut out a door and a window. Everyone had to get their picture in the tree of course. Here is Kamrielle going in the door.
Camdon looking out the window.
Trevon holding Carder up to the window.
Jaron is all smiles for the camera.
Jaron coming out the door of the tree.

Richard doing some crazy chicken dance. Not sure what the purpose of it was but it sure was entertaining and Vinnie got a good laugh out of it.

Camdon's first solo ride on a quad

We even had a 5 minute hail storm while we were there.

Animal Lover

We went by Aunt Teeny's house while we were up North. Camdon played with 'Marshmallow' the entire time we were there. It was really so sweet. He gave this dog so much attention. Petting her and hugging her. He is such an animal lover.
'Marshmallow' getting a hug from Cam
She actually wrapped her paws around Camdon. It was very sweet.

Even Grandma Turley got some love from Marshmallow.

Thanks for your hospitality Aunt Teeny.

Funeral in Joseph City

This is the casket Richard's Dad (Ray Turley) built for his mother. It is beautiful and one of many that he has built for others. I admire this talent and his kindness and generosity in sharing it with others.
It was a nice day in Joseph City. It was raining a little off and on but it never really got in the way of our day. Here is Jaron playing with Tatum. She was having fun taking the petals off of this rose and putting them in Jaron's mouth.

Camdon, Trevon, Jaron & Zale

All of us at the luncheon afterwards. Check out Camdon's face. Goofy kid!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Longing for the Beach

I read an article tonight that caught my eye. It was this years top ten beaches. This beach was one of them and it just looks so beautiful to me. I love to lay on the beach and feel the warm sun. The sand between my toes. Taste the salt in my mouth. Read a book, play in the water, look for shells. Relax, that is the best part of the beach. Yes I am longing for the beach tonight.
Well, heres what the article said and I thought not only does it look enticing but the article was intriguing as well.
Hamoa Beach, Maui, Hawaii: Rimmed by cliffs and covered by coconut palm trees and flowering vegetation, this crescent beach, a mixture of coral and lava sand, is the most famous of Maui’s Hana beaches. To get to Hamoa Beach, drive the "Road to Hana," the treacherous highway with drop-offs of more than 1,000 feet, sporadic guardrails and more than 50 one-way bridges. Ernest Hemingway once said that Hamoa Beach was the world’s best beach, but it’s only no. 5 on this year's list.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jaron & Trevon

Our boys have decided to go to the 100 year National Scout Jamboree.
This is no small undertaking. The cost is $3500 per boy. That's a whopping $7000.00! They have until January 1st to come up with it. They have their own blog that I hope you will check out. It is We will be featuring a different item or two each week that will be for sale. Please help them by visiting their blog and finding something that would benefit your family as well as Jaron & Trevon. Thank you! If you have any other ideas for us, we'd love to hear about them.

Fun at the Park

Tuesday Camdon's team had an end of season party at the park. The weather just couldn't have been better. We had pizza and they gave out trophies and team pictures. He had a great coach that was really good with kids.
Trevon climbing through the playground area.
The kids had a great time pushing eachother around on this tire swing.

Camdon was loving it!
A short clip of their fun in the tire.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The passing of a great lady

Dora Turley, grandmother of Richard passed away yesterday. I am really quite happy for her, she was 102 years old. She certainly lived a full life. She will be reunited with her husband, parents, children & many others. One thing that really stood out to me about this great lady is her positive attitude. She always wanted to contribute and looked for the best in everything. She was not a complainer and that is unusual for older people. Our boys called her Grandma Great and that pretty much sums it all up. We will be attending her funeral in Joseph City on Saturday.

Another get together

Well, we sure had a fun weekend of get togethers.
My mother in law, Jerry turned 70 years young and she had a big party on Saturday. There were lots of family members in town and we partied it up all weekend long. I was pretty busy and didn't get to take many pictures. Here are a few I snapped from our get together Sunday evening.
Jim, MaryJane & Jamie were visiting from Utah. We enjoy spending time with them. My boys sure get a big kick out of Uncle Jim, he 's alot of fun!
I was sure tired when Monday hit.
I did get a nap and I've recovered from a fun & busy weekend.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

'P' is for Party

Friday night we celebrated Kellie's birthday. We had a 'P' Party at my house and it sure was fun. People really got creative. I went as Pippilongstocking.
Oh and check out my 4th holiday decor.

Kellie showing off her pimped out jewelry

Marcy B. with her pluthera and Jerry in her Pirate costume

From L to R
Sharree as a Photographer, Holly as a Pirate, More Pink, Kellie again, Amy V. as a Politician (Palin for President) Amy D in her Pepper outfit, Missy as a Pirate

Kellie had family, friends from work, ward members and more come together to help her celebrate.

Not everyone is pictured, I was pretty busy this night. Below is Kellie on the left as a Pimp. Friend to the right was Pregnant. Next friend to the right was a Policewoman. Next friend to the right was in Pink.

We had Pollyanna, Terrie in Pink & MaryJane in Pink

Another in Pink, a Pirate, more Pink, & a Princess

This Kellie was a piece of poop (hilarious) and her daughter Zoe was Penny

Cute little Tatum had an apron that when you lifted up to her face said Peek a boo, Tiffani was the game Perfection, Carrie was the game Pass the Pigs, Zale was Pictionary and Torrin was a Ping Pong Table. They were a pack of Party Games. I thought they were the most creative.

Stephanie was a Pussy Cat Doll
Kellie as a Pimp
Amy with her Pepper lights on
Camdon had to try on my Pippilongstocking wig. I didnt realize I had worn it backwards all night until he put it on the right way. Silly me.
Sure was fun!