Monday, March 29, 2010

SpRinG BreAk & CouSiNs

We had a fun & relaxing Spring Break. My brother's kids were here visiting from Texas and it was great to spend so much time with them. Here is Paige below.
Enjoying Italian Soda's
Luke was a crack-up just like his Dad.
This is where things take a turn, the kids took over the camera & as you will see they had alot of fun with it. I'm thinking this must be their 'serious pose'
They even got me playing with C.R.
Carder with his cheetos
Paige (Todd's)
Then they headed outside to torture (I mean play with) the chickens.
Kamrielle cutting the grass with scissors, one blade at a time.

They even tried to hypnotize the chickens. Yes, you heard me correctly.
I know, not the most exciting pictures but it's all I have from when Todd's kids were here & I wanted to do a post with them in it. We did have lots of fun with them but I didn't do to well with the camera that week. Hey, I was on Spring Break to.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

JuMp StrEEt TramPoliNe ParK

You may have noticed that I've been a little behind on my blogging. It's certainly not that we haven't been doing anything. We have been very busy & I just haven't taken the time to get it done. Here is something we did back at the beginning of March. Trevon wanted to go here for his birthday & we had so much fun as you will see from the pictures.
It is lined with trampolines and they even go up on the sides.
Yes, I got out there as well. Try not to laugh too hard at this picture. Just had to make sure I could still do some of those Cheer jumps you know.

Camdon making one of his funny faces.
Trevon had a blast and even went back a week later with some friends.
They also have indoor trampoline dodge ball which Jaron & Camdon enjoyed the most.
I didn't join in on this part. My idea of fun is not to be pelted with balls that people throw at you as hard as they can. I guess it's a boy thing.
It was a fun family activity and a great way to get some excercise. They have a website. located in Chandler.