Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oceanside Part 1

Just got back from our family reunion in Oceanside with the Whipple fam. We had the best time. Seriously fun! Lots of great memories. Here are a few we'd like to share with you. Cam had never tried crab legs before. He loved them! Here he is below getting ready to dig in.
and here he is at the pier with the surfers in the background. It was cloudy this day but I loved that we actually need a jacket and it's June. I could get used to that weather.

The highs were in the 70's and the lows were in the 60's. Perfect weather! Loved it!

My sister LoraLeigh, brother Kiff and niece Kamrielle.

Sweet little boy, Carder. He belong to LoraLeigh.

My Dad and C.R., one of my favorite pics.

Uncle Richard helping Kamrielle with this sand castle. It was pretty cool with it's own lake.

Cool view of the pier.

and the parents of this clan, Pete and Chris. This was our gift from them. It was a good one.

My nephew Caden (LoraLeigh's)

on one of our walks down to the pier. Trevon, Cam and myself.

My brother Kiff. He thought surfing was ok. He thinks he'll stick with snowboarding.

Tim however is a surfer through and through. He loves it!

Tim with Mom and Dad, I think it's a great pic.

more pics to come.

Monday, June 13, 2011

PriMarY KicKbaLL

It was bright, it was warm, it was early but never fear the Turley's will be there. I am glad that my kids love to be active. They were so excited when they saw that it was Primary kickball Monday morning at 6 am. Even Trevon who has long since graduated from Primary insisted on getting up to go. He wanted to help coach. CraZy KiDs that I love!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I heart my Garden

The garden is still growing strong and I love caring for it. The cucumbers are seriously multiplying. The foilage from the cucs is by far my favorite. I just love to peak down through it and find all of the cucumbers. They are crisp and oh so good.
I also love to see these little cherry tomatoes in all of their stages of ripeness. Simply beautiful to me. Call me strange, I just don't care. Love them! Jaron has always loved tomatoes, especially this size, he eats them like grapes. Good thing I pick a bowl a day.

These yellow bell peppers are just starting to ripen and turn. Can't wait to taste them.

The peppers are beginning to ripen as well. My mouth is watering thinking about how good they will be.

Remember my snap peas that I planted late. Well they are coming up nicely and doing well despite the heat. Yeah for shade!

There is one particular plant in my garden that is by far the largest. I am amazed by the size of the leafs. Seriously, look at this one leaf (and there are about 15 others this size on the same plant). I put my thumb at the bottom of it to show you just how big it is. I'm thinking it must be the location of the garden because I have other plants that are the exact same variety and they are a 1/3 of this size. It is an acorn squash plant by the way.

I love picking all of the fresh produce. This is what I harvested yesterday. Pretty typical of what I get daily. I love sharing with friends and family. It is more than we can eat daily. If you haven't had a chance to get some and would like to, please let me know.

The radishes are so large (maybe I should have picked them sooner???) but they taste super good. You can see that some of them are even longer than my thumb.

Did I mention that I am really enjoying my garden? Maybe just once or twice.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Trek

Jaron, Trevon & myself just got back from our Stake Trek
"You May Rescue, You May Save"
It was powerful, so glad we were a part of it.
Jaron giving me the thumbs up as they were starting out. Pretty excited!

Trevon with his first family chore on the trek.

Jaron with Bro. Jasper (former young men's leader & one of his fav people)

Trevon & I before they headed out on the trail.

I was one of the cooks. For 550 people. Craziness!

Trevon with his Trek family.

Jaron with his trek family.

It was a great experience and they both really enjoyed it. Thankful for our pioneers & our rich heritage & that we could experience a little taste of the many hardships they endured. Helps you to see the bigger picture and that yes, there will be mountains to climb and trails to blaze but we to can push through and overcome the obstacles placed in our path. Then & now.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Boys vs. Girls

3 cute little girls stopped by our house for a visit. They were out on a walk with their dad. As you can see they like to play with the boys.

Addie, Grace & Kate vs. Jaron, Trevon & Cam

They have nicknamed Jaron "Scooby". Haha, not sure where it came from.

Of course the boys were gentle with them but the best part was when Grace divebombed on Jaron. They can certainly hold their own.

I love how Grace had to stop and pose for this one.

I love this picture! The next day the two older girls had a date with their dad to a ball game. We were lucky enough to get to watch Kate. She and Richard fell asleep while watching Strawberry Shortcake catoons. Their cute Mom was just home from the hospital after having another adorable baby girl, Meg. I'm sure Meg will be wrestling with the boys before long too!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

HaPPy Birthday Teeny

We recently had a birthday celebration for Aunt Teeny whom we love dearly. We were celebrating 70 years of adventure this great lady has lived thus far. She is the one below in the pink shirt.
Many of her loved ones came to celebrate with her at this oh so fun SurPriSe ParTy.

We had delectable munchies and lots of catching up with new & old friends.

End of School Year Stuff

The end of the school year is always so busy with stuff. We are proud of the boys and the desire they have to get involved. Below is Camdon at his end of the year band concert. Keep it up Cam, we like what we hear.

Has anyone had trouble with blogger? So frustrating. It wont let me write where I want to on this post.

Then we have Trevon at his end of year band concert playing the Tuba. Not the best picture but all we could get of him.

and last we have Jaron & Trevon at the volleyball banquet. Jaron got his 'letter' for playing a varsity sport. Trevon finished his first season of playing volleyball on the JV team. They both really love Volleyball and we love to watch them play.

Again, if you have any tips for me on this blog problem, I'd love to hear them. Thanks.