Monday, June 30, 2008

Cousins are in town

Caden & Kamrielle are in town visiting for a few days. They are all having a great time together. They have been swimming, eating, watching movies and of course they all have to tease little Kamrielle.
Jaron having a snack.
Trevon cooking lunch for everyone.
Caden & Kamrielle eating lunch.
Caden in the pool.
Caden trying to dunk Trevon.
Having a good time.
Trevon trying to dunk Caden.
Kamrielle having a movie snack.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A visit to Mayberry

We do the Netflix thing here at our house and we really like it. There just isn't much of anything good on TV anymore. This summer while the boys are out of school we have been watching The Andy Griffith Series. We love it!!! The boys are enthralled and think that Barney is about the funniest thing out there. What a good woman Aunt Bea is. Andy & Opie, yep we love them too. So many good life lessons can be learned from these shows. We are only on Season 2 but we are thoroughly enjoying them and think you might too.

Camdon plays Stake Kickball

Camdon had a blast at kickball. It wasnt easy getting up at 6:00
in the morning but we did it and it was worth it. He really enjoyed it.
It was all the wards in our stake and they got to play 2 games each
morning. Here are a couple of pictures of Camdon in action.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I love my boys! They make me happy.

Welcome to Tatum

She is so cute!
This is her room, don't you love it!
The new little family. Howard is Richard's brother, Tiffani, & Tatum.

Carder, another new addition

Couldn't you just get ahold of those cheeks and take a bite!!! He is so dang cute! This is my sister LoraLeigh's newest baby and we love him to pieces!

Twins, Cameryn & Caitlyn

My sister LoraLeigh and I went to see our new nieces. They are twins, Cameryn & Caitlyn. They belong to our youngest brother, Kiff. They were premie and weren't even 5 lbs yet in this picture. However, they are both doing very well.