Thursday, October 21, 2010

3 things that made me SmiLe

Richard built this beautiful new dining room table that seats 10, yes I said 10. It was a lot of work and he should be very proud of it. I love to entertain & have people over so it will be so perfect for gatherings. It is lovely in every way and I am thrilled to have it along with the beautiful chairs that we picked out. Ahhhh, it makes me smile.
I woke up this morning to rain & not just rain but a chill in the air that I haven't felt in many months. I opened up the house and loved the fresh clean breeze that was blowing throughout. Ahhhh, it makes me smile. I took this picture on my way to take the boys to school. It is a little hard to see but I loved the way the clouds were sitting on top of the Superstition Mountains. Ahhhh, it makes me smile.
and finally on my way to work this morning I drove by this house and noticed this dog sitting up on top of this roof. It made me laugh out loud and it certainly isn't something you see every day. Actually, never have seen a dog sitting up on the roof just taking in the nice day. I got about a 1/2 mile past it and decided I had to turn around and get a picture. Ahhhh, it makes me smile.

I hope you have found many reasons to smile on this fine day.