Sunday, May 29, 2011

Growing Up

My kids are growing up and while I am very proud of them.... I don't like it. Not one bit! Only because that means they are getting closer to that time in their life when they move on and leave our little nest. That nest where we have tried to nurture them and teach them and most of all 'love them'. Trevon just finished his Junior High years. He is moving on to High School. Yikes! How is it that I will have two in High School next year? Jaron will be a Senior. Camdon will be completing his last year of Elementary school. I can hardly believe it.
Here is Trevon all dressed up and heading to the big 9th grade formal dance. The end of the year celebration for the 9th graders. Isn't he so handsome!

Sure do love my boys! All 4 of them.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Meet Albert Einstein

Camdon recently participated in the Wax Museum at school and he had fun portraying Albert Einstein. We couldn't find the right kind of wig so we had to get creative and bought a beard that we made into this wig below. Not bad, eh?
Here he is in character below at school with the 'crazy' Albert Einstein eyes. Also you may notice that he is wearing a different moustache. The one above he liked better but it was a little heavy and so we had to take from that beard and walaa.... new moustache.

Albert Einstein, you never looked so good!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How does your garden grow?

We planted a garden for the first time since moving to the valley 12 years ago. I am totally LOVING it!!! Seriously, I love caring for these plants. Watering, weeding, harvesting. It's a time to reflect and I just find it calming. These might seem like silly pictures to some of you but I'm pretty proud of these plants.
We have acorn squash.

and zuchinni. Only 2 plants because I knew that it produced like crazy.

My green beans. Very tasty might I add.


& Cilantro for all my tomotoes I plan to harvest. Yuummmmy salsa.

Summer squash. We have loads of it, hint hint. Let me know if you want some.

Bell Peppers.

I have 3 different kinds of tomato plants. The one pictured below is kind of a pear shape.

My cherry tomatoes which are just starting to ripen. Love them in salads.

My radishes which I planted not to long ago. They are coming up nicely.

The cucumbers have been so out of this world good. Love them for a snack.

This is the greenery from the cucumber plants. I just love how it looks. Silly me.

My carrots. We cooked some with a roast recently. Yum!!!

I had some room left in the garden and decided to try sugar snap peas. They are just coming up. We'll see how they do with the summer heat. They are in a protected area so hopefully they will survive.

The turtles are out and about more these days and they are enjoying all of the greens from the garden as well. They love the carrot tops, squash leaves and cilantro. The one below is Camdon's and her name is Angie unless she turns out to be a boy, then he is Fred.

This one is Jaron's and he/she is a little more shy. Alex is the name, safe for either sex. They dug this burrow on their own and it is quite impressive and deep. We have shone a flashlight down in there before and you can't even see the end of it.

If Jaron's tortoise sees anyone at all he goes down in the burrow until we leave. But Camdon's is quite social. I guess even turtles have issues.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

NaP TiMe

When your kids are little they seem to have the theory that nap time is not a good thing.

This is one of the positive things about having teenagers.

Nap time becomes a good thing again.

Yeah for Sunday afternoon naps!