Monday, August 1, 2011

Despite the heat

I love that my garden is still flourishing and despite the heat it continues to produce. We have been gone so much this summer and it has been sorely neglected. Each time I leave I tell myself that I will most likely come home to a dead garden. Each time I return I am pleasantly surprised. It must be that we are being blessed for listening to the counsel of our church leaders to plant a garden.
Above is one of the okra plants that have such beautiful blossoms. Thank goodness for heat tolerant plants. Below is one of the many tomato plants. They are beginning to show signs of the heat getting to them, however they are still producing like crazy. Love those home-grown tomatoes. Noting quite like them.

Above my chili pepper plants. We have been roasting & freezing them. YUM! and below are my bell peppers. They are small but plentiful. Delicous in a salad or grilled with other veggies.

and for lunch today my grandmothers Southern roots are coming out in me. Fried okra is on the menu today. I'm the only one who likes it and since the boys are gone camping with their grandparents for the week and Richard is working.... I am in okra heaven.