Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our Saturday Trip

We finally made it over to Cabela's today. We have been wanting to go & today was the day.
Here is Jaron with a Bull Elk
Mom & Camdon
Camdon with a Polar Bear
Thought this guy looked cool
Just can't remember what he is
Camdon & the moose
It was a very large elephant
Look out for that Lion Camdon

The four boys
Jaron dreaming about his upcoming Hunt
Trevon & the Black Bear
At the shooting range

There was even a plane inside....very cool!

Richard dressing Trevon up as a moose...silly
We had lunch at Native New Yorker. It was delicous.
However, I remember when wings used to be 10cents each.
They are now 60 cents each. Still good though.
We then went & walked around the outdoor shopping area.
Marcy & Camdon
Jaron & Trevon
Me & the boys
We thought this was pretty cool.

Me & the boys again.
We ended our day by going to see the Mummy, it was ok.

Jumping Fun - Camdon & Kale

The boys set up this foam pad & started jumping it. They were having so much fun that we had to get the camera out. Check out the next three posts to join in the fun.

Jumping Fun - Trevon

Jumping Fun- Jaron

Friday, August 29, 2008

Missing Melissa

Today is my sister Melissa's birthday. She would be 30 years old today if she were still alive. She died in 1996 at the age of 17. She was battling Leukemia.
I miss her very much.
She was the cutest little thing as you can see.
These pictures sure bring back good memories.

I just love that sweet little face.

This is one of my favortie pictures of her.

Couldn't you just pinch those cheeks.

This is one the last pictures we have her before she passed away. I think that she is absolutely beautiful. Jaron was the only grandchild when she died and she adored him. She was a spunky thing and I sure do miss that. When I look at her pictures I can still hear her voice and I am glad for that. Thinking of you today and always.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lightning Storm brings Rain

We thought it was pretty cool. It just lit up

the sky all around us.

A couple of artists

Trevon made this little man out of wikistiks
(wax strips is what they are)
Pretty clever, eh?

Camdon is our bionicle master. He has a box full of parts
and he will just create away. Here is one of his latest creatures.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Buzz

Camdon got a haircut. The chlorine from the pool has been making his hair really hard to comb out. He told the lady that cut it, " I want to wake up in the morning & to not have to comb my hair." So, this is what she gave him. The good ole Buzz!

Car Trouble

This morning I was out running errands and I was on my last stop before I had to go to work. Ran into Wal-Mart, got my groceries, out to my car and it won't start! Aargh! That is just the worst feeling & it is usually never at a convenient time. It was 30 minutes before I am supposed to be at work & I have Ice Cream in the car. Luckily I got ahold of my dad and he was home (only about 5 minutes away) and he came to my rescue. Aren't Dads the best!!! He said my battery had gone bad, so he jumped it and I was able to get it home to unload my groceries. He then took the old battery out, took me down to get a new battery, and then installed the new battery. It worked & I had a car that would start again! I just wanted to send a big thank you out to my dad. You saved the day Dad! Love You!

Monday, August 25, 2008


I got to watch my cute little niece today.
We sure had fun & she is such a good baby.
She can roll over now & is growing too quickly.

Richard playing with her.
Camdon reading to her.
Can you tell they all love her so much.


I finished the book, finally! I enjoyed the series but glad that I am done so that I can get some sleep tonight. I do have to say that I thought the book could have ended 3/4 of the way into the book. The last 1/4 was just frustrating to me. What are your thoughts?

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I was looking through pictures & wondering why my kids make such crazy faces when the camera comes out. After looking through them all I realized that they just don't have a choice in the matter. See below.

It just comes naturally to them. They are part of one
crazy family!
Here we are doing what we do best, Having Fun!!!