Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to my sister

I am heading out of town for a Family Reunion but I wanted to wish my sister LoraLeigh a very Happy Birthday. August 3rd is her big day and I hope that it is filled with all her wishes. She is a great person and a wonderful mother. She is one of my very best friends and there is seldom a week that goes by that we don't talk but usually it's just a day or two. She does not judge people and is a friend to all.
She is fun & crazy and she makes me laugh. She loves to shop and if we didnt have kids to worry about we could spend all day shopping. She is so good to always open her home to our family. Love ya LoraLeigh! See you Monday.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Gifts from Jaron

Jaron brought us all back a gift or two from his trip.
He was very generous. We love you Jaron.
Richard got a picture
He also got a Book of Mormon in Portuguese
as he went on his mission to Brazil.
I also got a nice picture.
He knows how I love good music
Camdon got a figurine of Captain Moroni
Here he is with it.
Trevon got a nice picture as well.
He got a cool Kaleidoscope.
Trevon & Camdon got pictures of the First Presidency
to put in their room.

Jaron's trip to Utah

Our kids think they are so deprived because they have never been to Utah.
Well, one of Jaron's dreams have come true
because he can now say he has been to Utah.
Grandma & Grandpa Whipple took Jaron on a trip with them
and they went to Utah.
He had the time of his life and loved every minute of it.
He felt so special to have this time alone with his grandparents.
Thanks Mom & Dad, you're the best!!!
Jaron, Grandma & Grandpa at This is the Place Historical Site
(or Here it is! as Jaron called it)

They got to visit with family. Here they are with my cousin Vanessa's kids

Ian, Addison & Evan

Pete, Jaron, Vanessa, Chrissy

They had tickets to go and see The Tabernacle Choir featuring The Osmond's.

They said it was fabulous & if you have BYU TV you should be able to catch some of it.

Grandma & Grandpa Whipple

Jaron next to this really cool rock

Jaron on Temple Square
Jaron visiting President Hinckley's gravesite
Grandpa Whipple & Jaron
Brigham Young reading to Jaron
This is at the "This is the Place"
Jaron is pointing to a relatives name, Edson Whipple.

On the road
Jaron & Grandma
Silhouette of Jaron & Grandma in from of SL Temple
Jaron in the Visitor Center
Thank you Grandma & Grandpa! You are the Best!!!

The Snoring debate is over

A day with Tatum

We got to watch Tatum today and it was pure joy!
We had so much fun with her.
She is getting so big & her personality is so much fun.
As you can see she is absolutely beautiful.
Thanks Howard & Tiff for sharing your daughter with us.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Richard got a new calling today

Today in church Richard was called to serve as the second counselor in the Young Men's Presidency. He will be working with the Deacon's which are the boys age 12&13. He is pretty excited about this because Trevon is a deacon and so he will get to spend lots of time with him. Campouts, scout camp, weekly activities. It will be great. They are a really neat group of boys and it will be alot of fun for him.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Camp LoMia

Richard & I just rececntly returned from Girls Camp where we cooked for approximately 285 for 5 days along with 2 other couples. It was soooo much work but it was also soooo much fun. The food turned out great and those girls ate & ate & ate. I have a new appreciation for my in-laws who did this for numerous years. We basically worked 18 hours a day. There is a fun group picture of the 6 of us who were in the kitchen but I will have to scan it in when my mom gets back in town as she has a scanner & I do not.
Richard, stirring Alfredo sauce
Katie & Diana cooking away

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Camp Geronimo

Jaron & Trevon just returned from Scout Camp.
They had a great time as you will see from all the pictures.
Here is Jaron below on kitchen duty.
Jaron, Steven & Trevon
Trevon at the shooting range.
Jaron on his resting spot.
The whole group
Jaron at the shooting range
Camp Geronimo
Jaron climbing the wall

Trevon taking the Polar Bear plunge.
The whole group
Trevon getting ready to go into the water hole
which was only 48 degrees.
Jaron excited about taking the plunge.

waking up