Sunday, February 28, 2010

Missing my other kids

For those of you who don't know my sister had her baby boy and he had a multitude of little problems. He was flown to the valley where he spent 3 weeks in the NICU. One of the blessings that came of that was that we got to spend lots of time with her other kids helping to care for them. They have since gone home & we are missing them terribly. Here are a few of our highlights with them.
I got to go & watch Kamrielle at cheer camp. This was a real treat.
Visiting baby C.R. in the NICU when he first arrived.
One of our trips to the park. Jaron & Carder.

Carder loves horses so this was fun for him.
He like to fall asleep in this chair. All smushed up but comfy as could be. I suppose anyway, he'd sleep for hours.
We even had the privilege of meeting Hannah Montana one evening.
LoraLeigh & Vinnie when they finally got to hold him.

My first time holding him. It was pure heaven.
Some of Kamrielle's art creations that she made with the magnetix one afternoon.

Another park visit, playing some volleyball.

Riding the go cart down the hill. Gpa Turley made this with the cubscouts.
Trevon on his unicycle.

Caden & Carder. Caden only got to come on the weekends since he is a big Junior Higher now.
Jaron on the go cart.

Trevon zooming down.
and yes, they even got me on it. LOL
playing on the swings.
btw, Jaron just made the volleyball team and we are very proud of him.

and finally after 3 weeks C.R. came home and here are Kamrielle and Carder meeting him for the very first time. It was sweet to watch. We are so glad for the happy ending and that they are all home safe & sound but..... I miss my other kids terribly.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blue & Gold Banquet

This last week Camdon had his blue & gold banquet. It was a nice evening as always.
Here he is with some of his fellow cub scouts

Trevon modeling the glasses someone made. Celebrating 100 yrs of scouting.
There was a pinata that the younger scouts had made. You know that's always a big hit with the kids.
and then we ended the evening with a nice program.
We are thanful that Camdon enjoys scouting and that he has had such great leaders over the years.