Monday, November 23, 2009

Terrie Farnes - A classy Lady

I am saddened to say that Terrie Farnes, one of the best people on earth has passed on to the other side. She was surrounded by loved ones as she left this earthly existence today. She is one of the most giving, caring, fun, classy ladies there ever was. She will be deeply missed. Love you Terrie!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

HaPPy BirthDaY ToDD

Today is my brother's birthday! He lives out of state & we don't get to see him a whole lot. But...... he will be coming for a visit in just 2 short days!!!! I am pretty stoked about seeing him & his sweet family.
Here is the goofball! He always been so good at making funny faces & talking with strange accents. He does an awesome scooby-doo impersonation!
Here is the cute family I mentioned.

Last Christmas when they were here. Todd & Laura took Jaron & Trevon hiking.

A recent vacation for him to the beach. Just love this picture. Oh and did I mention that I love him too! Happy Birthday Todd!
(P.S. - If you are my sibling & I didnt get a birthday post done for you. Please don't feel slighted. I just happened to have a few minutes this morning and really needed an update anyway. Love you all!)