Monday, August 27, 2012

Family Reunion

Had a fabulous time at our annual family reunion in the White Mountains of Arizona.
This was the view I had for 5 days.  Isn't it just breathtaking.  It really is as peaceful as it looks.
 The not so peaceful part was this snake that was found.  He was not a welcome visitor.

Camdon joined in on the volleyball game this year and surprised us all with his skills.

 Enjoying the creek.
 Enjoying the crawdads they caught in the creek.  
 Hangin out with Aunt Kellie
 Our family
 Jaron doing some jogging in these beautiful surroundings.
 There was a group that did crossfit up there.
 Cooling off in the creek.
 Zale  & Trevon, cousins.
 Preparing food, it was a large group this year.
Thanks for the memories, it was a great 60th reunion.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Surgery and Sweets

 Jaron recently had knee surgery to replace his ACL.  Here he is before hand all smiles.  It's been over a week and he is healing very nicely.  I have enjoyed being 'needed' by him again.  They are so independent at his age (which is a good thing) so it is nice to feel needed.  I must admit though that the first 48 hours after surgery I seriously felt like I had a newborn again.  Newborns just require so much attention and need you to do every little thing for them.  At the end of the day you felt like you hadn't gotten a thing done. I even found myself trying to find 15 minutes just to jump in the shower and get ready for the day.  Lucky for me that didn't last too long.  
His friends and family have been so good to him.  They all must know how much he likes to eat.  He has received 3 bags of beef jerky, gummy bears, brownies, 2 plates of cookies, jamba juice and even his very own pan of cinnamon rolls from my mom.  Jaron LOVES cinnamon rolls, always has.  Especially my moms, which leads me into the next part of this post.  
I enjoy cooking.  Love to bake as well.  However, for some reason anything that involves yeast usually ends disastrous for me.  I have attempted bread making maybe 3 times in my life and cinnamon rolls only once before.  I don't know what I do wrong but it never turns out.  So earlier today I was browsing through my 'yummy stuff'" file on Pinterest and I came across this cinnamon roll recipe that I had saved to try out.  Printed it out and headed into the kitchen.  Two and a half hours later I had a finished product.  They were ok, not great like my Mom's but at least they weren't disastrous.  Jaron ate 3 so that was a good sign.
I should probably mention that my yeast had expired in 2005.  I even noticed this at the start of this 2 1/2 hr project which should have been my first clue to stop but I was determined.  I'm just happy they were edible this time.  I'd call that progress.