Monday, December 29, 2008


Some of you have already noticed that we got new family pictures. I think that they turned out great. Here are a few of my favorites. If you need a good photographer, I would highly recommend her.
Jaron, Trevon & Camdon
This one was so much fun. So candid. Just as she was finishing shooting the boys Richard jumped in and dive bombed them. I love that she captured the uncontrollable laughter.

Richard & Marcy

This one was just for fun, but I love it just the same.

Our family picture.


The girls

The boys

with the grandkids
(missing Caitlyn and Cameryn)

Mom & Dad with their children
(missing Courtney & Melissa)

The whole fam

The whole fam again
Which one of these last two do you like best, I can't decide?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day

First of all let me start by saying that this is my old camera & so pay no attention to the date. I have misplaced my camera on which I took all of our Christmas Eve pictures. I will have to post those later when I find it.
Christmas morning at our house with the Wyatt's
Kamrielle, Carder & Caden
Kamrielle, Trevon & Carder

Camdon has sure had fun with this gift

Kamrielle & Trevon

LoraLeigh modeling the handmixer she got


Vinnie & Carder at the famous Christmas breakfast at Richard's parents house.

Mom opening her gifts from LL and I

Todd & Carder
We played Farkle (a fun dice game)
Tim playing guitar for us on Camdon's guitar

Hanging out

The boys playing video games as usual

LoraLeigh modeling the makeover that Kamrielle gave her

Savannah's makeover

Paige's makeover
Marcy playing with Carder

visiting with Uncle Kenny & Aunt Judy

Sure was a fun time with lots of great memories.
Thanks everyone.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Family Fun

Look at these 3 cute girls, all of them nieces.
My Mom & Dad,
LoraLeigh, Laura & Carder

Some of the bunch

Tim & Carder

Jaron, Todd & Laura

Luke & Jaron

Savannah & Paige

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We are a crazy bunch

All of my family was here for Christmas this year.
Here is the 1st of our get togethers.
A little bit silly you might say.
Luke, Paige & Savannah belong to my brother Todd.
Kamrielle is my sister LoraLeigh's.


Todd, I think that's my brother.

Kamrielle with her silly face.

Savannah looks great.

Todd taught us this. You shake your face back and forth really fast & someone snaps a picture. Looks pretty growse, eh?

Trevon in action


Marcy looks scary

Funny video of Todd

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas with Richard's side of the family

Cute little Tatum with beautiful Zale (both nieces)
Haley & Mia (cousin's kids)

Some of the party goers

Kellie (R-sister), Jim (R-brother) & Carrie (Jim's wife)

Our nephew Jaden who got a glimpse of his gift he was opening during our White Elephant exchange.

and here is the cute little guy he got

Chuck taking the wooden Bowl that Ray had made
from a piece of wood he gathered at our family reunion spot.
It was a hot item.

Trevon with his unique gift.

Carrie modeling some fancy earrings she opened up.

Ray got banana nut bread scented bath items
& Jerry with her birds

Torrin, Jaron & Mitch

Kristi, Haley & Evan

Aunt Marcy with sweet baby Tatum

Tiffani, Tatum & Howard

Aunt Kellie & Torrin

All of the cousins look up to Jaden, even Tatum.

Camdon opening his gift from Jaden which was an outing with his cousin to go shooting.

Grandpa Turley with Tatum