Saturday, June 19, 2010

One of the BeSt DaDs EveR!!!

He knows how to fix things, he gives sound advice, he yells the loudest at all the games, he can save the day, he listens when you talk, he has taught us how to shrug off the small stuff, he shows us how to be brave, he sometimes lets us win, and he is there when you need him.
Happy Fathers Day to one of the best dads ever!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Greens Peak

So last week after returning from girls camp I decided to make a very quick trip up to the White Mtns. My brother Todd was up that way for a few days because 'the guys' had planned a camping trip. Well.... he doesnt come to Arizona all that often so.... even though I am not a 'guy' I had to go and crash the party even if just for a few hours. Oh and the bonus was that I got to see my sister and her kids too! Check out C.R. below, he is filling out quite nicely wouldnt you say? I could seriously eat those cheeks. YuMMy!!!
So here are 'the guys' below. Todd brought a similar picture from like 15 years ago in this same spot so of course we had to get an updated one.
Kiff, LoraLeigh, Todd & Me

I love this pic of Kamrielle & Kiff.

LL, Kam, & myself

LL & my Dad whipped up this delicous peach cobbler. Yep, I had some.

Here is my dad dishing up everyones bowls.
Sitting around the fire just shootin' the breeze.
Trevon had sprained his ankle the day before so Dr. Todd took a look at it.

This is one of the cutest faces ever! I love this boy!!!!
We played a game that was really fun. Don't know what it was called. See Jaron's face in this pic. This is the moment when he realized that there was no way he was going to win against his mother. Hee hee!
But.... I do love to see this smile. It is a catchy one.
Todd's son Luke came along for the guy trip. He is such a fun boy!
Not sure who this goofy boy belongs to. Just kidding, I will gladly claim him.
Our cousin Mike came out for the trip. He and Todd are the same age and hadn't seen eachother in ages.
Yep, he is a regular goof ball.
Kamrielle wanted to take a pic with her silly face too.
Kiff in action here.
Cousin Mike's son, Tyler had to take me on as well and he won.
Even though it was a super fast trip. Less than 24 hours. I was glad I made the trip because I got to see Todd, Luke & many others. Love you all!!!
P.S. Aren't you all so impressed that I actually updated my blog with real pictures and all? Sorry about my slacking here, Don't give up on me.