Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A 'Budding' Artist

Camdon came home from school today and said he needed to draw something & I was not to peek at it until he was done. He spent a good 45 minutes working on this masterpiece. Isn't it just beautiful? I love that boy!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A trip to ShowLow

Camdon & I took a trip to ShowLow this past week to visit my sister & her family. We had a great time! It had been a long time since we had been to see them. It was fun & relaxing to just hang out & visit. Here is Camdon helping Carder to build a tower.
This story that goes with this picture cracks me up. LoraLeigh & I went out one of the evenings for a sisters night out I guess you say. Well we headed out & when we were almost to the movie LL realized that she had the wrong shoes on. She headed out to get some wood outside before we left & had slipped these shoes on. She meant to change them & forgot. We laughed & laughed about this. We don't expect the guys to appreciate the humor in this but the girls will understand that you just dont wear blue & white polka dot shoes with gray & black. I took the picture after our fun evening when we had returned home. Btw, we saw Leap Year (cute movie) and had dinner at Mtn. Thai (very good). LL is about 3 weeks from having her 4th baby, doesn't she look amazing!
These two cute kids (Carder & Kamrielle) amazed with their boundless energy each morning. They hadn't even been awake for 10 minutes and were already performing for us. Sooo cute!!!
Meet the newest addition to the household, he is huge!
Caden & Camdon had a battle one morning and each had to build their fortress. Kamrielle even got involved in this one.
Camdon peeking out from his hide-out.
Caden inside his hide-out.
Our last day in town we headed over to the cemetary. Camdon was excited to play in the little bit of snow that was lingering from the last storm.
We wanted to take some fresh looking flowers to my sister Melissa's gravesite. She passed away 14 years earlier on this day, January 16th.
It was a nice way to end a great week.
We sure do miss her
and wanted to do something nice to honor our great memories with a dear sister.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A memorable Christmas

Christmas was memorable as always. It is always fun to give to those whom you love so much. Have we mentioned lately how much we love these boys. They are good through & through and we had fun picking out gifts that we knew they would love. It always fun to see the wonder in their eyes as they come out to see what is under the tree.
Camdon loved his spark scooter!

Trevon with his unicyle, oh & his cell phone that he thought he would never get.

Jaron loves his guitar & I can't remember what he is opening that brought on that beautiful smile.
Love you boys!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Funny Story

So today at work I had a very embarassing thing happen to me. I thought I saw someone who I knew but hadn't seen in awhile. So... here's how the conversation went.
Me- Are you Gaye?
Her - Yes I am.
Me - I thought so. I wasnt sure but you live by my sister, right?
Her - Who is your sister?
Me - LoraLeigh
Her - I don't know LoraLeigh.
Me- (blushing because I realized what I had said & what she was referring to) Aren't you Gaye with an e at the end of your name?
Her - Oh....I thought you were asking me if were Gay.
Me - (Not sure what to say) ... (I think I said) Well, I know someone who looks just like you & her name is Gaye with an e. You could be her twin.
Her - (I really don't remember what she said but she replied and I smiled and then I quickly ducked out of the store until she was gone.)

I honestly can say that when I started that conversation I was not even remotely thinking what she was thinking but looking back I realize that I could have worded that better. I should have said, "Are you Gaye Tenney because you really look like her" or something like that. Well, I'm just glad that I was able to provide all the ladies I work with a good laugh and I'm sure this lady will have a good long laugh with her friends as well.