Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Love this boy!

I love this boy!  He makes me laugh and he is kind.  He loves his momma and he is helpful and just plain fun!!!  He was Napolean Dynomite for Halloween and he really got into his character.  Cracked me up.  He went trick or treating with his friend Ammon and they had a blast!
 and here he is at his very first dance.  A friend of mine who was there snapped this picture for me and sent it to me.  This dance was for Beehives and Deacons who are either 12 or 13 years old.  She is a cutie but.... does she look like a Beehive to you?  Oh poor Camdon.  He called me after a few dances and begged me to come and save him or he would surely die an early death.  No joke, those were his words.  We made him stick it out and I am happy to report that he did survive it. 
I love that boy!!!

Arizona sunrise

Not much compares to a beautiful Arizona sunrise except maybe an Arizona sunset. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

BirThdAy PaRtY

Camdon turned 12 and had 10 friends over for a mystery dinner.  It was so much fun coming up with the menu.  It was even a surprise for Camdon.  Every single item on the menu started with the letter C becuase.... C is for Camdon. 
 After dinner they all wanted to play video games.  Imagine that.  I insisted that they play Just Dance so they would atleast be moving around and interacting.  They LOVED it!  They rotated in and out and really had fun.  We extended the party time by 30 minutes because they didn't want to stop playing.

 It was a special birthday for Cam as he turned 12 and was able to receive the Priesthood.  Here is the group that was able to make it that day.

Double Date

Jaron & his best friend Ryan recently went on a double date.  They asked out 2 cute girls Sydney and Olivia.  They went to Goodwill to do some shopping for the 'Perfect' outfit to wear out to dinner.  Each couple got to pick out the other couples outfits and they had to wear them for the remainder of the evening.  Let me tell you, they really went all out.
 Olivia and Jaron sporting their fine ensembles.  Jaron, I had no idea that roses were such a good look for you.  (wink-wink)
 Ryan & Sydney with their smashing attire.  Wow Ryan, gold is a great color for you.  You really should wear it more often.
 This picture is the funniest one to me.  This was hours later after wearing this good looking outfit all evening and Jaron had even been home for a bit.  He came in to lay on my bed and tell me all about the evening and he was STILL wearing this outfit.  He said it was actually quite comfy.  Afterall, what's not to love about purple pajama pants covered in adorable penguins.  Hah, love that boy!

Out and about

Went to breakfast recently at Joe's Farm Grill.  Had to get my picture taken with this Awesome jeep.  It's not every day that you come across something like this.  Happy Day to YOU!!!

Donny Osmond

I recently attended the Donny Osmond concert with my Mom.  I'm not a huge Donny fan but my Mom sure is.  She was given tickets by my Aunt Alice and they were to attend together but at the last minute when Aunt Alice could not attend I was given the opportunity.  It was a GREAT concert!  He is certainly entertained and I enjoyed his performance so much.
Here we are about to go in.
 Cindy Standage, a local performer who I happen to know and is in my Stake was one of the opening acts as well as Firefly.

and here he is, Mr. Donny Osmond himself. 
 He was very personable and included the audience in his show.  Lots of great music.
 This was a little girl who was a big fan.  He brought her down on stage and sang her favorite song to her.  Soooo cute.
Thanks Mom for taking me and thank you to Aunt Alice for getting us the tickets. 

Round Up

 We recently had our Mother & Son Round Up at a Relief Society activity.  We had so much FuN!!!  We had a BBQ dinner, cowboy themed games, guessing jars and we took pics of all the moms and their sons or grandsons.  Some dressed up in their cowboy attire and it was a great evening.
 Using a few of the props and being a little silly.
 Richard and his mother.
 I thought this was the best pic of the whole night.  It made me chuckle.  This mom brought her grandson and they had a delightful time together as did all who attended.