Monday, September 28, 2009

20 yr. Reunion

Saturday night we attended the 20 yr. class reunion for Richard. He was a Toro from Mt. View and proud of it! This is his good buddy Doug & his wife Kristen. They live on Maui, he is a podiatrist there. Richard really didn't want to go but since Doug was coming all the way from Hawaii, he convinced him to attend. It was a nice evening afterall. This is not the best picture (my eyes are closed) but it's the only one of us.
This was kindof fun. This guy lives in Austin, TX and knows my brother Todd really well. They play church ball together and he is a friend and patient of Todd's. We had to get a picture with him to send to Todd and say - Hey, look who we met.
High School reunions - ya, you know how that goes.

Skateland injury

I took Camdon to Skateland Friday night. Alot of his friends were there, it was their school night at Skateland. He had a great time skating the night away. Just one little mishap. He got in a fight with a 6th grader who was there and ended up with this black eye. You should have seen the 6th grader!
Just kidding! That's the story he wanted me to tell anyway. In reality he looked away for just a minute and made contact with the wall. OUCH! It is really started to turn an ugly shade of purple, green, blue & black!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Choir Concert

Trevon has joined the boys choir in Jr. High again this year. It was a real treat to see them perform. He is a little shy up there but he sure enjoys it! Keep singing Trevon, we love it!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

HaLLoWeeN has arrived at our house

It may seem a little early for some but believe me I've held off as long as I could. Today was the day, I pulled out the halloween decor and it is all up.
This is always a happy day because it is a reminder to me that cooler temps are heading our way. When Jaron got home from school today he saw that Halloween was going up and his initial comment was "Oh great!" I ignored him & kept going.
He caught the spirit of fun. All of the kids were asking if they could have a Halloween party. Absolutely, I told them. I love parties and we are long over due for a fun one!

Don't you love this witch? She is one of my favorite pieces of Halloween decor. Gotta love the Orange Patch!

Come on, admit it. You really want to get your Halloween/Fall decor out too!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday and I even though I am a day late in posting this the wish is just as big. I will tell you a few things about him that you may not know.
Here he is as a young boy, so cute!
One of his favorite stops in Globe. He has been known to drive to Globe for lunch or dinner not just when passing through if you catch my drift. That's loyalty!
He loves to take scenic drives. This is one that the boys & I took with him. This is where we had our picnic lunch.
A trip to Mexico, he loves the beach and probably doesnt get there often enough.
Again on the beach with his favorite companion, My Mom.
Eating out in Mexico at the Chicken Shack, another of his favorites. Holding Carder Pete, his namesake.
This is from a trip to Utah with Jaron. He is such a fun grandpa too!
Hope you had a great day Dad! We all love you!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Camping

We just returned from 4 days of camping in the White Mountains. There were 18 of us that went and we sure had alot of fun. Here we are playing card games. We do lots of that when camping. I taught Kamrielle how to play UNO and she caught on really quickly. Everyone had to play with her atleast once. She even had the trash talking down. She's a Pro!
I don't know what it is about a campfire but it seems to mesmerize people.
There was just something about this tree that I liked.

We had quite a bit of rain while there but the kids found ways to play right out in it.

We just loved it that it was cold enough to wear a jacket.
We took alot of walks. I was able to get Carder to sleep on this one.
The boys played football out in the meadow one afternoon. Even Uncle Tim joined in on this game.
The Reidheads joined us for the weekend. Sorry Jim, I didn't get a picture of you. Not sure how that happened. Here is Tamra with their cute dog, Camdon was so happy about her being there.
Mother & daughters
Cute little Carder
If you look down to the bottom right you will see Kamrielle's pizza that she was cooking up.
This is my favorite picture of the weekend. Love it!!!
Trevon & Caden (cousins & buddies)
Opening the door to the treehouse.
Jaron lovin' the outdoors.
I thought Carder's face was so funny in this pic. What expression!
Richard & his Dad
Jaron & CarderRay & Jerry joined us for the camping trip. Sure was fun to have them there.
Check out the knees of his pants. Can you tell they were having a blast?
Ray, it's just good to see you sit and take it easy. He is such a hard worker.
Sisters (check out the aspens)
Cute little Carder
We drove up to Greens Peak and hiked up the tower. Here is a view looking towards Carnero Lake and Springerville.
This is a view looking towards Vernon.
Jerry waiting for us down at the car.
I don't like to put pictures of just scenery in but I thought this was exceptionally beautiful!
Here is a close up of Springerville from Greens Peak.
This view is looking towards Sunrise.

It was another memorable weekend. Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Camdon

This sweet angel boy has been a blessing in our lives since the day he was born. He is such a joy!!! We love having him in our home. This sweet picture was taken of him around 8 mo. old.
This is Camdon on his 2nd birthday. He had such beautiful curls and those big eyes. So precious, right from the start.
I didn't realize how young he was when his love for cooking began. Here he is helping me make macaroni & cheese. He still loves to be in the kitchen & creating. He makes excellent omelets! Last Sunday he made a dip on his own. The Sunday before that he came up with his own recipe for apple cookies. I love that he is so creative!!! Keep cooking Camdon, your mother loves it!
This is his 3 year old picture and you can see how he is starting to make that transition from baby to boy.
He is not shy by any means. This picture was taken 2 years ago when he was in 2nd grade. It was pajama day at school and he always participates in all of the dress up days. He definately has school spirit!
Another school spirit day, crazy hair day! He wanted 3 colors and it was definately CrAzY!!!
I love his sense of adventure as well. He dives right into life with everything he's got. Here he is fishing with his bare hands and he caught one too!
I love to observe him when we camp. He loves to explore and see everything there is to see.
Camdon, you are a delight! We love you so much!
Have the best birthday ever!