Friday, July 8, 2011

Show Low & the 4th of July

I hurried home from Vegas a little early so that I could see my sister before she headed back home to Texas. Plus that meant I got to spend the 4th in my hometown where I have so many great memories. Camdon & I headed up Sunday morning and got there just in the nick of time to attend 2nd ward (my home ward) and see lots of great people who still live there. Below is my mom & LoraLeigh looking lovely.
Kamrielle & I had to get a picture because we were twins and didn't even plan it. We had the same color of top, both in white skirts and white shoes. So fun! Love that girl!

My Mom & I at the parade.

LoraLeigh, Carder & I

our parade group (most of us anyway)

Willie (Vinnies brother) and C.R.

My Dad and C.R. with those beautiful white mtn clouds I love.

LoraLeigh & Carder Pete

My favorite float. So cute with a little girl swinging from a tree on the float.

Aren't those clouds seriously just beautiful? Love them! and the cute little boy eating his treat.

My dad's little garden that he put in. They just bought a little summer place up in ShowLow. We stayed with them. It was cozy but comfy.

A trip to Wal-Mart. Can't go to ShowLow without a trip to Wal-Mart. C.R. riding his horse.

Carder was bull-dozing his way through the store.

Kamrielle & C.R. riding Dumbo.

Sure do love my family! Glad I got to spend some time with them.

Vegas Baby

So we recently spent a week in Vegas selling fireworks. They were hot, long days but we made the best of it. Shawn, Jaron & Zale.
Trevon & Kevin.

Bobby & Jaron

Richard & Bob

A Morse kid & Jaron


There were some slow days at the beginning of the week. Playing their games to pass the time.

Our first night there we got to go bowling. Had a blast!

Jaron & Zale

Trevon & I in action.

Here goes Zale!

and Jonah.

Trevon, Jonah & Kevin.

We got in an unlimited bowling deal. Not sure how many games we played but it was til about 2 in the morning.


Trevon after a strike! He got many!

Zale with her concentration stance.

they all did great but..... not quite great enough. That's right, the Mom beat them all!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

California, part 3

We all went to Disneyland one of the days we were there. Well except Tim & Kiff who stayed behind to surf. Here we are at the entrance with that grouchy ol' queen from Alice in Wonderland. She was telling Camdon exactly where to stand.

Our very first ride, Thunder Mtn, walked right on.

All smiles!

Sunsplash, 2nd ride, walked right on. When we finished the ride there was still no waiting so they let us go again. Awesome!

Caden, Jaron & Trevon

Caden isn't very cooperative in letting me take pics of him so the fact that I actually got him smiling, very rare. Had to post it.

The Jungle Cruise.

I think we rode it 3 or 4 times total. 3rd time on Sun Splash! No waiting.

with Buzz Lightyear

My Halloween costume this year. lol

Love the parade, it is always so magical.

Mary Poppins, one of my favs.

My parents, great pic of them.We really wanted a pic with Micky Mouse. Who are these kids you say? Check out the creepers in the background.

With the castle. The boys and I.

Loved these colorful lights on Alice in Wonderland teacups which we rode just before midnight. I would love lights like this in my back yard.

The boys told me before we even got to Disneyland that they would absolutely not ride with "It's a small world" with me. One of the classic rides, a must in my opinion. Well by nightfall after we had done all the fast rides they finally agreed to go ride it with me. Ahhhh, such good sons they are. Thank you boys!

All of us on "It's a Small World" LoraLeigh & I about midnight looking a little worn out but it is the only pic I got of the two of us.

with Carder Pete Kamrielle wanted to make CraZy faces.

Trevon & Carder

LoraLeigh, Vinnie & C.R.Last ride of the night, teacups.

We had such a fun time, can't wait to go back.