Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas Week

First off we headed down to the temple to see the lights.
They were beautiful, as always.
It always helps to start the season off right.
They always add a few new things each year but it's good to see some of the classics like the wisemen crossing the lawn. A favorite of mine.
Monday night we had Richards family over for dinner & we played the white elephant game.

One of the funniest gifts of the night was the 'booty bop'
modeled here by Jarrett. Hilarious!

Tatum stopped by with her dad before they headed out of town. Jaron & Tatum had drawn eachothers names so here they are exchanging their gifts.
She gave Jaron a lifting bar that hooks to your door frame. He loved it!
and he made her a stool & got her some petshop toys. She loved them!
On Christmas Eve we headed over to my parents for our traditional navajo tacos. They are delicous and something we always look forward to.
My grandparents joined us as well. It's always good to spend time with them.
Grandma Whipple with the boys.
I was remembering a funny story that got us all to laughing. I could hardly talk I was laughing so hard.
Here we go, a little better. My grandma, my mother & me.
Our crew. Trevon & his faces. Silly boy!
My parents
Christmas Eve, our nerds.
Excited to open gifts, Jaron handing them out.
Love those hugs! Jaron thanking Cam for his gift.
Camdon has been wanting a robe forever, his wishes came true.
and I am thrilled because I am getting new tile in the kitchen/hall/entry.
There is a funny story behind this Arizona 1912 shirt. It's a long one though so I won't be going into it.

Hope you all had a memorable Christmas. We sure did.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ward Christmas Party

We attended our Ward Christmas Party a while back. The kids were asked to come dressed up as a character from The Nativity scene. So here is Camdon in his Shepherd outfit.
I was happy this night that the boys were all willing to take a picture (and it's pretty much a one shot deal so eyes closed or not this is it). This is a rare occasion these days so we'd better document it.
Trevon however is usually a little more co-operative. Love this kid!
Richard had already been down at the church for hours by the time we got there. The dessert that night was cobbler cooked in dutch ovens. It was the highlight of the evening. There was plenty of it & it was most enjoyable. Hope that you are enjoying this beautiful time of year.