Monday, April 12, 2010

Quick Trip

This last weekend was our wards RS retreat. It didnt really get started until late afternoon on Friday so I decided to leave that morning and spend the day at my sisters which was only 30 minutes away. I got to see her cute kids & it was well worth the trip just for that.
Kamrielle with her new little brother CR who is becoming quite the chunk.
The Easter bunny brought Kamrielle some sidewalk chalk and we had fun drawing with all the fun colors. Above are our flowers.

Our HaPPy SuN
The Alligator that she did all on her own.

Kamrielle & I trying not to get blown over. (It was pretty windy up there)

This made me laugh so hard. This little truck had no window in the back and was carrying 7 full size sheep & 1 baby. They were just crammed in there. The picture is not great but keep in mind that I was alone, driving through the Rim and trying to take a picture on my phone.