Monday, September 29, 2008

Going to town!

Well, we passed our inspection & Richard is going to town!
Isn't he just the best! We love him!
The insulation is going up. He doesn't waste any time.
I forgot to show the other day our doors that we bought off Ebay for $100 bucks. They are not going to stay red incase you were wondering. They go out to our new back patio area.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Septious by Camdon

Camdon has created a new super hero for his comic book. Warning: this could be scary for some of you. His name is Septious and he is an Orbgeyser. He launches an electric orb. He has a firefinger that will launch a ball of fire. He has a spike leaf which launches a bunch of sharp needles. He also has a fire ax which will launch a line of fire that follows the enemy. He has an electric dagger that when used can freeze the enemy for minutes. He is even capable of launching an entire earthquake. Good thing he is a good guy and only after the bad guys. Way to use your imagination Camdon!

Addition Update

If you know us very well you know that we are still working on our addition. This is to be our new dining room and we are getting closer to it being done. I am very excited about this! The guy from the city is coming on Monday to pass off our electrical. Once this is done we can put up the insulation, sheet rock & drywall it. We already have all the material including the tile for the floor. Oh, could it be possible that it could be done by Halloween? That is my goal anyway, I just have to convince Richard. He has been working so hard on this house and I really appreciate him & his many talents. He has needed a break from the house especially with the heat of the summer. The above picture is from one end to the other end. The picture below is from the side looking into the doorway which used to be a window & that table is going bye, bye. I have the sheets up just for now to help control the dust a little. It does seem to help.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chess anyone?

Camdon has joined the chess club at school. He is loving it!!! Today was his second time to attend and he has already decided that he wants to compete in the tournament. He purchased his very own chess set tonight with some of his birthday money. He is very excited and is already talking about inviting his friends over to play chess with him. Two of his neighborhood friends also joined the chess club.

Happy Birthday Kiff

Tomorrow is my brother Christopher's birthday. He will be 26. He is the baby of our family so that is hard to believe. When he was little my brother Tim who is just older than him couldn't say Christopher and so he said it as"Kiffer" and it stuck. Even in school he went by Kiffer and even signed papers with that. As he grew older we all just shortened it to Kiff.
He is the proud papa of twin girls. They are named Caitlyn & Cameryn and he loves them very much. They are both long & thin just like him. Kiff is 6'5".
Kiff is an outdoor kind of guy. He loves to snowboard. He loves to look for old Indian artifacts like arrowheads and stuff like that. He loves to go camping and just be out of doors. Kiff you sure are loved and we hope that you have a super duper day!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Constitution Night

Tonight we attended a program put on by the City at our local Amphitheatre. It was all about celebrating our Constitution & the freedoms we enjoy. It was a nice evening but the best part was that our cub scout pack got to participate in the flag ceremony and they marched in a parade with their flags. It was a good experience for them.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Celebrate Fall

Tomorrow is the 1st day of Fall and I am happy
about this. I love the colors of Fall & it means
that temperatures will begin to cool down which
is a wonderful thing when you live in a desert.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Girls Over Nighter

My friend Cristie on the far left just turned the big 40!
Doesn't she look great!!! Anyhow for her birthday she wanted to get away with some friends and just hang out. So, we headed to Prescott & stayed at Paisley's house who used to be in our ward. We stayed up till 2:30 am playing games, eating, & just visiting. It was a great time. The next morning we got up and had yummy Creme Brulee French Toast and fruit then headed into town for some window shopping and a nice lunch at a local cafe. Then it was back home for us mother's. Thanks Cristie for including me, sure had a great time. Thanks also to Paisley for letting us all come & stay.
Cristie (bday girl), Tiffany, Marcy T, Paisley (hostess) Tonya(Cristie's sister), Amy, Marcy B, & Kris or better known as the party girls!!!

Scout Over Nighter

Richard & Trevon just got back from camping with the Scouts. They had a really good time as you will see from the pictures below. Of course Richard was the photographer so he is not in any of the shots. Trevon did take his scout uniform, not sure why he is not wearing it???

Sure looks beautiful, doesn't it?

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Trevon joined 2 clubs at school this week. He is in the Book Club (no surprise there as he loves to read) and he joined the Computer Club. He made this today and thought it was pretty cool to see his face on a $100 bill.
We also got to have 4 extra little one's running around our house tonight. We were watching them for a friend and it sure was fun. It was also very busy. You forget how exciting everything is at that cute little age. They did watch 'Incredible's' along with our boys.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Father like Son

Yes, it was nerd day at school but....was it also nerd day at Mutual? This was the question I asked Richard when he returned from scouts tonight. Check out the socks on this nerdy Dad.
Here he is hitting his backside.
This is what he thought of my comments
about his nerdy socks.

Proud of our Nerd

It is Nerd day today at school .
Here is Trevon in all his Nerdy glory!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An awkward experience

Trevon came home from school yesterday with a girl's phone number. He said that she had asked him out on a date after class. She wanted to go to a movie and gave him her number. My 12 year old boy was asked out on a date. We all had a good laugh about it! He said he was so embarassed that he just didn't know what to say. He is going to tell her today, Thanks, but I have already made a choice not to date until I am 16. Trevon cracked us all up when at the end of our conversation he playfully said to us that it was only natural that the ladies flock to him and that it just couldn't be helped. What a silly kid he is!
Love you Trev!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Dad

Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday and even though we were with him all weekend and celebrated his birthday I couldn't let this chance go by without letting him know how special he is. I really love my Dad. He is a great man, always thinking of others. Always putting others in front of himself. I am just so glad that he is my Dad.
Here he is last summer with Camdon & I
in a paddleboat on Rainbow Lake
The boys and I took a drive with him last summer & we stopped here for a picnic. My Dad is really in his element when you get in the mountains. It was a fun day!
He is a good Grandpa to all his grandkids and they love him very much. Dad, I hope you have a fantastic day. You certainly deserve nothing less than that!

Weekend in ShowLow

The boys headed out prarie dog shooting and had a great time! It was probably the highlight of their trip.
Here is Trevon in action

Camdon enjoyed it as well & he even got to shoot.

Vinnie helping Jaron

Caden is an old pro at this

Vinnie in action

We celebrated the September birthdays.
Caden, Grandpa & Camdon above
Kiff below was not able to make it for cake.

Aunt Marcy with cute little Carder who has grown so much.

Sweet Kamrielle with Grandma Whipple

Carder Pete named after Grandpa Pete

My sister LoraLeigh with baby Carder
Aunt Marcy with Kamrielle whom she adores!
Grandpa & Grandma Whipple
Our family

The Wyatt family

I thought this video was so cute of Carder. My mom was rocking him & he was just making the funniest sounds. Almost like he was soothing himself to sleep. Check it out.