Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trevon is 15

Somebody had a birthday & he is 15!!!
Trevon has so many great friends and a few of them surprised him bright & early on his big day. They came over just after 5:00 am. We are not normally awake at that time but these kids all have A hours at school so we had to get an early start to fit everything in. They all got up at 4 am to meet at one of the girls house to get everything together for the big surprise. Man, those are some good friends because I'm not sure I would have done that when I was their age.
So they were hiding in the dining room when he finally came out. I sent him in there to clear off the table because (wink-wink) Gma & Gpa were coming over for breakfast that morning. I also had to tell him it was an hour later than it really was or he would of thought I was crazy for getting him up that early.They definately surprised him & it was so fun to watch. His friend Kevin had gotten a pinata and they had filled it with all of their cards & gifts. I thought it was funny that they didn't want him to bust it open. So it is hanging in his room as decoration.
He loved it!
They also had to show him the yard decor that they had made and put all over.
He can thank the girls for this fun part of the surprise.
Again with the pinata that he thought was so cool.
Opening cards & gifts from the gang.
We made them all breakfast. Waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon and of course buttermilk syrup.
Then it was off to school for this group! He truly has AweSoMe friends!!! Thanks everyone for making him feel so loved!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Valentines Day Dinner

This is my sweet little niece Tatum eating her cookie that Aunt Carrie made for everyone. Isn't she just adorable!
Trying to crack the egg with Camdon on the trampoline.
She gave each of us our very own personalized chapstick for Valentine's Day.
(Super cute Tiffani)
Hugs for Uncle Richard
and for Aunt Carrie
Showing Jaron how to put on his chapstick.
Big hugs for Grandma.
We also celebrated Howards birthday.
with a little help from Tatum. Do you think she is the star of the show at every single Turley dinner? You know it!!!

Cute Carder videos

So I may be a little partial but I just think these two videos are the cutest. I love how he just sings & makes up the words as he goes.

Recorded on my phone so not the best quality but you get the idea.