Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Love this boy!

I love this boy!  He makes me laugh and he is kind.  He loves his momma and he is helpful and just plain fun!!!  He was Napolean Dynomite for Halloween and he really got into his character.  Cracked me up.  He went trick or treating with his friend Ammon and they had a blast!
 and here he is at his very first dance.  A friend of mine who was there snapped this picture for me and sent it to me.  This dance was for Beehives and Deacons who are either 12 or 13 years old.  She is a cutie but.... does she look like a Beehive to you?  Oh poor Camdon.  He called me after a few dances and begged me to come and save him or he would surely die an early death.  No joke, those were his words.  We made him stick it out and I am happy to report that he did survive it. 
I love that boy!!!


Vanessa Shannon said...

LOL! Oh Marcy...that picture of Camdon dancing really brought me back. It could be me and any number of boys my same age! (probably you too!) I remember being a Beehive and being taller than every boy in our stake and this one boy would constantly ask me to dance. Then suddenly one year, he went away for the summer and came back 6"4!! Gotta love it. Camdon is just too much fun :)

Bev said...